3 marketing agencies that overcame the B2B challenge

For decades marketers have been struggling to mitigate the challenges posed at B2B Marketing Strategies, and not even those who understand and use Account Based Marketing have been able to achieve prolific results. 

One might think that with the advent of digital, these problems would have been catered to, but that’s far from the truth. Legacy digital marketing strategies don’t work for B2B businesses and so, the issues continue to persist. 

These 3 agencies have been able to outstandingly overcome the challenges and produce sustainable results by integrating marketing with technology.

Oxper Marketing Automation

While most businesses focus on classic ways of generating leads via digital campaigns and cold calling,Oxper’s approach is quite different. They focus on turning the cold leads warm, before you even reach out to them, by creating a synergy in communication across all digital platforms. This integration enables Oxper to create a personalized experience around the customer which influences their purchase journey subconsciously.


The new agency endeavoured to turn websites into sales machines and lead generation beasts that were easily found by search engines (robots) and enjoyed by people (humans). Within the first year of business, Kwasi Studios was appearing in top 100 lists and featured in local newspapers. There was no doubt that Woj had started an enterprise that was worth watching.


After building powerful, immersive, as well as experiential platforms and infrastructure for more than 50 global customers, we understand that digital is a journey into fundamental business transformation that begins with reimagining existing business processes and user experiences. But what makes our process unique is that we are never ideating in a bubble.