B2B Marketing: a good agency or in-house team. Experts view

Businesses are surviving amongst so much noise; every organization in b2b space is fighting for the right eyeballs. To stay afloat, every business tries every trick in the book. A constant debate prevails in the minds of leaders running b2b business whether to hire a team or work with an agency.

 A lot of marketing gurus come from a strong belief that working with a good b2b agency is far more prudent.

Many B2B businesses work on the assumption that hiring a marketing agency is usually more costly and taxing than hiring an in-house marketing team. Let’s find out whether this assumption is true or not: 

  1. Agencies attract the best talent: It is a known fact, to gain experience good talent always wants to work on multiple projects which make the agency an obvious choice. In addition to that, agencies are also equipped with the latest methodologies and technologies that bring immense value to the table. It is practically not possible for one or a couple of resources to equate with the knowledge that an agency is empowered with. Thus, making it a sensible choice. 
  1. Higher Return on Investment: Other than facing the dearth of good talent, the cost of in house resources is much higher as compared to hiring a good agency. A B2B business will also have to incur other significant overheads like training, infrastructure, and employee benefits. For example, if any business in the United States plans to build an in-house team, the minimum cost of it would be $200k. Whereas, one can hire a good agency at half the cost or one-fourth of the cost of a good agency in India.
  1. Agencies are committed for longer: Even the best organizations have to face the transition of a resource one day or another. Goes along a knowledge repository that was acquired over a long time. Whereas, when a business works with an agency, it’s a sheer relationship of performance and profitability where the agency’s interest will always be in retaining the business. 
  1. Support Scalability: It’s practically impossible for an organization to scale up in a short time, neither is it prudent to waste valuable resources doing insignificant tasks. This is where an agency plays a very important role equipped with large teams with varied capabilities, they come in handy. 

While companies may factor in the cost of hiring in house resources, they miss accounting for the value that an agency brings to the organization at a lower expense. Globally, mid-size companies are recognizing the advantages of an agency over an in house team and shifting towards partnering with agencies to create sustainable results.