Bizarre : 45% of Jobs will be Redundant in Digital Marketing . Ready to see a change ?

  • Shortage of skills, not jobs, a key threat to Marketing Function 
  • How to keep your marketing job and stay competitive
  • Marketers UpSkill or  See your Juniors getting Promoted
  • Will Your Marketing Job Be Given to a Robot

What jobs will still be around in 7-8 years ?  Jobs won’t entirely disappear; many will simply be redefined. But people will likely lack new skill sets required for new roles and be out of work anyway. 

Take, Ankit  (who didn’t want his full name used). His  boss never hinted that he  wasn’t doing a good job, so he was shocked when he was called into his office and told he was being terminated. He was Our highly competitive job market values people who are exceptional at their work, not mediocre.

Executives increasingly see investing in retraining and “upskilling” themselves  as an urgent business priority

Key Points : 

  1. Most marketers have to accept that what they’re familiar with won’t be around forever. Many of my marketing colleagues have been in this industry for multiple decades, and their skills are getting more and more out of date.
  2. To stay in demand in an increasingly digitized marketplace, marketers have to learn new skills fast: they have to become MArketing Automation experts  in every sense of the word
  3. Marketing automation save time, improve efficiency and increase productivity
  4. For marketers, tools that take advantage of the influx of real-time data from the IoT can enable teams to remove noise from signals, sharpen customer profiling and supercharge personalization.

To ignore it now could be fatal to your  long-term competitive position, not to mention survival.

The question isn’t whether technology like artificial intelligence will change sales and marketing — it already has, and it will continue to do so. The question is how will sales and marketing professionals and their executive leadership teams react.