World is moving from B2B to account level marketing, Know Why!

Right marketing strategy for enterprises is about identifying specific companies you’d love to have as customers, then aligning your strategy more directly. This approach is called account level marketing 

Let’s explore the 4 pillars of this new approach that will transform your marketing initiatives.:

  1. Personalized messaging

if you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one. 

Personalization is vital for account-based marketing. The more personal will be, the more likely you’ll get results. It’s all about showing that you understand who they are as a company, and also what they need and want as an individual. Finally, think of AMB as trying to step into the shoes of the person you are targeting.

  1. Influencers and decision-makers

In B2B purchase cycle, influencers come from all directions. C-level executives, line-of-business owners, and business managers all often play an important role. Research shows 3.1 to 4.6 groups inside a company – such as IT, finance, and HR – influence the average purchase process. Acknowledge the role taken by various influencers in the decision making process and target them accordingly.

  1. Account Scoring

scoring prospect’s actions you deem the most valuable, like visiting a particular product page or contact page. You assign a score to the leads that will show how active they have been and how high their interest level is. You reach out to a particular account only when an account has reached a particular number

Highly targeted sales and marketing campaigns have always performed better than generic, non-targeted campaigns. You will be tracking activities and engagement from single-digit accounts.